Wireless Modem Integral 400

Wireless Modem
  • The narrow-band Wireless Modem " Integral 400 " is intended for transmission of all data types. The Wireless Modem is designed to realize information acquisition and processing of telemetric devices and managers, and also for remote administration of stationary objects. Access time taken by the built-in communicator to get access to a radio channel is only 7 msec and that allows systems for which minimal time of information delivery is an important criterion. The modem provides asynchronous data exchange at speeds of 19200 bps or 9600 bps in channels with an array pitch of radio frequencies of 12,5 KHz. It supports function of practically all manufacturing logs.
  • The built-in diagnostics allows full control of The Wireless Modem status in real time (source voltage, temperature, a receiving level, launch power, standing-wave ratio (SWR), data delivery adequacy). Modem management and diagnostics are performed through additional port SETUP by the easy-to-use graphics program working in any operating system Windows. The program allows cycling polling of all accessible wireless modems in networks, received data mapping, cycling diagnostics retention in a database and ROM updating of the modem program to be carried out. Full remote and local configuration, wireless modem administration. With the help of the program the following operations are possible: mapping and retention of radio network traffic with time parameters of transmitted packages to within milliseconds and also receiving of information on mutual reception levels between all stations in network.
  • The Wireless Modem supports management in RTS and in DOX mode (data-activated transmit) without using of RTS signal for management of a stream, namely transfer is initialized by receipt of the data on wireless modem port. There is a big built - in buffer for the transmitted data from 96 Kb and when the dataflow from the terminal device essentially exceeds the transmission rate in a radio channel, management of CTS signal is carried out.
  • There is an opportunity to switch on noiseproof coding with the dynamic interleaving. Losses on coding are minimal and do not vary with the size of transmitted blocks and make 10 % of transmission rate.
  • Modem has the built-in function of evaluating of the transmitted data adequacy. For this purpose the standard cyclic code CRC-32 (Cyclic Redundancy Code) is used.
  • The radio receiving route has high overload capacity and that provides steady data transfer at short distances.
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